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Why Life and Transition Coaching Matters

Life coaches help clients improve habits and the way they respond to a variety of situations in life and at work.

According to recent statistics

  • Around 86% of companies who hired a life coach received a return on investment.


  • 99% of those who hired a coach are satisfied.


  • 80% of those who hired a coach improved their self-confidence.


  • 72% of those who hired a coach improved their communications skills.


Having the ability to understand who we are at our core, and what we truly want for our life, is essential to developing our potential. The inner work that we do to release our limiting beliefs about what we are capable of can be the difference between good enough and high achievement.

Meet Christine

Christine Catoggio is a certified transformation coach, speaker, and author. She specializes in helping professionals and entrepreneurs take charge of their lives, uncover their true potential, and commit to a new vision for their lives.

She is the founder of Successful Life Transitions and offers life transformation and personal development workshops, programs, and seminars for corporations, organizations, and conferences.

Her professional training, combined with vast experience, has given her the tools to empower others to overcome obstacles and reach new levels of success personally and professionally.

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