Powerful Energies for Moving Forward

April is a powerful transitional month.   The energy of the month is about transitioning from rest and reflection to growth and expansion, dormancy to revival and rebirth. It is a month replete with themes for new life and new beginnings.  One of my favorite pictures of this theme, is that of the crocus, breaking through […]

Thrive Through Transition

Most of us have been through major transitions in our life. Loss of a loved one, divorce, job loss, aging parents, to name a few!Transitions of all kinds wreak havoc on our lives. Everything that we previously accepted as normal no longer exists. Life, as we know it will never be the same.As unsettling as […]

What’s Next?

✨ You may not recognize it yet, but we are all in the midst of a transition. And, as with most transitions, it blind-sided us and taken us totally out of our comfort zone. In its midst, we’re confused, unsettled, and trying to figure out how we will ever get through this! ✨ As a […]

New Vision!

It’s been said that Covid-19 has created a broader scope of vision. For many, the Covid pause, has given us the opportunity to “see” much that wasn’t visible while we were going about our busy daily lives.It has been an opportunity to evaluate and gain clarity on many areas of our lives. What’s working? What’s […]

Stuck and overwhelmed trying to move forward through these challenging times?

You’re not alone! In the last few weeks I’ve been speaking with clients trying to find their way through the challenges of the last few months, and move into some sense of “normalcy”. *Some are lulled into “waiting” for things to return to normal before they make any major changes,*Some are in motion — keeping […]